Ways to go from the military to your next career

You could say that the military is a special kind of person who is not so hard to recognize. It’s not just a question of the military posture, the relaxed pose, the tidy appearance, the unisex haircut. Their demeanor, speech, and sometimes even jokes, understandable only to military men, give them away. In general, something that has been honed by years of service in isolation from the outside world. Thanks to a precise schedule, heavy loads not only on the muscles of the arms and legs but also on the intellect. This discipline fosters in each person a specific set of skills that always find application. And it doesn’t matter what kind of a character you have, delicate fingers meant for the piano or hands like those of a rough woodsman. The point remains the same. In this place, you will be taught everything before you and will be introduced afterward.

Everyone here is like everyone else. And you can stand out with your talents, which are suitable for the military, and advance through the ranks. And so many years go by in this frantic rhythm. But as you go through them, you face a particular difficulty when you’re a retired officer. After all these years of service, after all the time in the field, where to do yourself. But, as they say, it turns into a task if you take emotions out of the problem. And there is always a solution to any situation. And now, we will try to look at this algorithm.

Ways to go from the military to your next career

It’s the last day in the service, saying goodbye to the people you’ve known for years. With whom you are joined not only by friendship but also by loyalty to a common cause. And now you are going out into the civilian world. It’s great if all these years you’ve been tuning in and being ready for it. And after retirement, you have a clear plan of action, what to do. But many people come out with no idea what to do next.

The first thing that might come to mind is rest. A well-deserved rest. But it too soon comes to an end. And it is hard for a person who has been constantly on the move and doing something to adapt to a quiet rhythm. However, it’s worth looking at it from a philosophical point of view. After all, this is a new stage in life. A completely different experience will now take place. This is a unique opportunity to develop yourself in a new area and remember your former interests. Perhaps even dreams that you lived in your youth. It’s also worth thinking about this, what is fascinating, what you are good at, in addition to following and giving commands. It may not seem very practical, especially for someone who has lived according to a straightforward routine and plan all these years. And knew his day and days in advance. But there is something to be risky about.

If you still want to follow a more practical and pragmatic plan, you should go to a veterans’ aid union. There, your skills and desires will help you find a suitable position and send you for an internship. And in the era of technology is not necessary to stand with a package of documents in a huge line. You can fill out and online forms.           

It is worth starting with a list of the accomplishments and skills you have acquired over the years of service. By no means should this be devalued? Many civilians don’t possess even a fraction of your skills. That gives you an advantage. One of the best job search sites is Job-Hunt.Org. “A trusted source of up-to-date practical how-to job search and career advice from genuine experts to help you have a shorter and smarter job search, helping job seekers succeed since 1994”.  Military.com, My Next Move, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Employment Services are other sites you should check out.

By the way, you can also look at freelance services. If you are tired of the constant rush and interactive work is not your options look for remote work on the Internet.

During searching for a new field of employment, it is necessary to understand and remember that new horizons and experiences are opening in front of you. The specifics of the former job will help you to conquer new heights. It’s a trite topic but look at Colonel Sanders. He was the owner of one of the most successful restaurant chains in the world, KFC. And there are enough stories like that to look at them and realize that this is just the beginning.

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