How to Read Military Time?

Convert military time to standard time

To convert military time to standard time, you need to subtract 1200 from the military time. For example, if it is 1500 hours in military time, that would be 3:00 PM in standard time.

Read military time on a 24-hour clock

Military time is always read on a 24-hour clock, which means there are no AM or PM. This can be confusing at first, but all you need to do is add 12 to any hour past 12pm to get the standard time equivalent. So, 1pm in military time would be 13:00, and 2pm would be 14:00, and so on until 11pm which would be 23:00. Then midnight would be 00:00, and 1am would be 01:00.

Understand the structure of military time

It is important to understand the structure of military time so that you can read it correctly. Military time is always written in four digits, with a colon separating the hours from the minutes. The first two digits are always the hour, and the last two digits are always the minutes. So, if you see a time like 1530, that would mean 3:30 PM in standard time.

Practice converting different times so you can become more comfortable with it

One of the best ways to learn how to read military time is to practice converting it to standard time. Try writing out a few different times in both military and standard time, and then convert them back and forth. With a little practice, you’ll be reading military time like a pro!

Understand the importance of military time and why it’s used

Military time is a way of keeping track of time that is used by the armed forces, as well as by many hospitals, airlines, and other businesses. It is important to be able to read military time so that you can understand documents and schedules that use it.

Learn about other countries that also use military time

Did you know that military time is used in many other countries? In fact, it is the most common way of telling time in some countries. If you travel to a country that uses military time, it will be helpful to know how to read it.

Common misconceptions about military time

One of the biggest misconceptions about military time is that it is somehow different from standard time. This is not true! Military time is just a way of writing out the time in four digits instead of using AM and PM.

Another misconception is that you need to be in the military or have some special training to learn how to read military time. This is also not true! Anyone can learn how to read military time with a little bit of practice.

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